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VK9EC/VK9EX 28-11-2014
Dear Emil, LZ3HI
Finally, I received the package from you.  It was
well-packed and no damage at all.  We will start
to send out to hams who made contact(s) with us
during our DX-vacation.
Thnak you for everything.

OH2LNH 16-10-2014
Cards came and package is vy good packed, nice and good. Checked cards
and they look even better then I could imagine from the draft. Vy sharp
print detail, good colors and all texts are precise and good. All in all
very good card in total! Both sides are vy nice, its easy to send out to
the world with happy mind.

2E0JLB 10-10-2014
hi emil,
Received the cards yesterday and was extremely impressed!!
Very well packaged and incredibly high quality!!
I was not too impressed by the speed of printing, however I understand
that printing in bulk reduces the cost significantly. :)
The great price and amazing quality certainly made up for the wait though,
and I will continue to use your printing service as well as recommending you
to others; including a club that gets through many cards every month.
Thank you very much,
James Bookham, 2E0JLB

TO6A 02-07-2014
Hello dear Emil
I just received now the QSL package safety
1000 thank you .
QSL are fantastic , very very happy , all is perfect
Thank you again
Best regards

CS7AFR 29-05-2014
Hello Emil,
I just received the package with my QSL cards! Yuhuuuu!
Excellent job you did! Very good work!
Thank you very much.
Best 73 to you,
de CS7AFR, Emmanuel

HB9IQP 07-05-2014
I just printed 1st time on Emil's Homepage (LZ3HI.com)
Result: Nice print, Emil helps you if needed, good Price and
fast delivery. Strongly recommended to every one.
Best 73s
Alfredo HB9IQP

OE3SGA 16-04-2014
gd afternoon Emil LZ3HI,
qsl's has duly arrived,
thank you for the nice qsl cards and for being so coopertive.
Many thanks to Hans and Herbert for your great support.
Yours faithfully, 73 de Gus OE3SGA

F2DX 03-03-2014
Hello Emil,
Package received yesterday.
I am very pleased with the job. The print and paper quality are perfect.
Do not change anything.
See you for the next order ...
73, Patrick F2DX

FR4NT 07-02-2014
Hello Emil
I received today the beautifull's QSL card FR4NT.
Thank you for your great job. Excellent quality
F4DXW Stéphane

Begaly Keys QSL cards 07-01-2014
Hello Emil,
we've just received the first batch of QSL and they are amazing!
We like them so much that we are already thinking about the next one.
Thank you for your great job,
regards from Italy
73 de
Paola Begali

DL8ZN 03-02-2014
Hallo Emil,
The package has just arrived here. !!!
The QSL Cards are very beautiful! Thank you for
the good service!
vy 73 from me and from Jane

VE3FU/BY1TTY 23-01-2014
Hi Emil,
The QSLs arrived today.
They look fantastic! Thank for your service!

ES3RF 18-01-2014
Hello Emil,
good news: today I received parcel with the cards.
All is good, no damages on the package.
High quality printing, no mistakes!
I am very satisfied of my new QSL cards!
Thank you very much again.
Hope to meet you, dear Emil, at once, in the air on any amateur bands.
73! de ES3RF, Gennadi.

OZ5UR 10-01-2014
Hello Emil,
tks, qsl-cards arrived about 1 hour ago.
I can only say: EXCELLENT job!
have also an second call sign (OU3A)
for contests. also low in cards on hand,
so will revert later in the year.
wishing you and yours a nice weekend.
vy tks es 73
de Preben OZ5UR

N8AHH 23-12-2013
The cards are excellent, I am very pleased. You did a very very nice job.
People who received the cards they like it very much.
Thank you again, Happy New Year.
Best Regards,
Steve Corvin, N8AHH

DL8BV 09-12-2013
Hallo Emil
vielen Dank für Deine Auskunft vom 08.12.2013.
Die neuen Karten sind heute am 09.12.2013 bei mir angekommen,sind wie immer sehr gut geworden.
vielen Dank und bis zur nächsten Bestellung
73 de DL8BV Heri

T6SM 14-10-2013
Ho Emil,
yesterday I received the QSL.
Tank you for very excellent quality.
I hope for a new order next month.
Tank you again, and good luck for future.

VA3DM 04-10-2013
Greetings Emil,
As promised, I am pleased to inform you that my 1,000 free double-sided full
colour QSL cards arrived in the mail today.
I have now carefully inspected the cards for both paper thickness and print quality
and I must say that everything looks FANTASTIC andd VERY PROFESSIONAL!!
I has been a pleasure dealing with you and please be assured that in the future I will highly
recommend the excellent QSL services offered by LZ3HI Gold Print Service!!
Wishing you and your family a pleasant weekend!
73 from Doug - VA3DM

EI/F5LMJ 05-09-2013
Dear Emil
I well receive the QSL today.
Very fine print job as usual. Thanks a lot
73's Alain F5LMJ

SM7MME 12-07-2013
Hello Emil!
The QSL Cards arrived today. They are better than what I thought to be.
Thank You.
Have a good weekend.
With kind regards
Peer / SM7MME

PY2VDC 02-07-2013
Hi Emil,
the cards arrived yesterday.
Wonderful work, thank you.

9H3ZU 01-07-2013
Hello Emil
I receive today thé qsl from 9h3zu. Thank's for great great job .
I'm realy happy. You are my official qsl printer,for my other project ( personal qsl,iwi,dfcf.....)
Thank's again ans 73's from f4czu Bruno

JA8COE 19-06-2013
Dear LZ3HI Emil
I get 4000+4000 QSL Card today
Tnx nice QSL Card
I am grad to get it
Thank's nice QSL Cards

CS7/DO3HK 06-06-2013
Hello Emil,
yesterday I received the package . Tnx for all.
If possible for me to make a trip to the Ham-Radio in Friedrichshafen und you´re there,
I will take a look for you.By the way, in our next ham-member-meeting I`ll present your cards,
that other members see the fine quality of printed QSL-cards by order on lz3hi.com.
If I need new cards for my german-call I promise, you´ll get my order.
Best regards and best 73´s

2RC279 03-06-2013
Big Hello Emil !
today we pick up the qsls from you.I am so happy i have you for printer! Great quality !!!
I thank you so much and Stephane for telling me about your print service,very happy.
I tell my friends about your printing,maybe you get more business

4S7KKG, DC0KK 19-04-2013
Hello Emil,
the package with the QSL cards arrived. It's all right.
Thank you very much for delivery. Until next time.
73 de Peter, dc0kk, 4s7kkg

WA5DTK 31-03-2013
The QSL cards arrived last week.
The two boxes arrived three days apart. One was in very good shape.
The other had a cut in in that ruined a few of the cards, but most were okay
Your packing was very good, and I don’t know how you can protect the
package from a knife-like cut.
Thank you for the printing -- the cards look very good.

KW6R - 27-03-2013
Dear Emil:
The cards came today. They look great!
Tom KW6R

TM10WAP 21-03-2013
Good evening guy's
today in my mail the package with qsl card
Like every time, all is ok, perfect
Many tks
See you next time
73' de F8DHE Pierre

TM8BIRD 20-03-2013
Hello Emil
I have received to-day the package with my TM5BIRD QSL Cards. .
All is very nice . Many thanks.
Best wishes
73's de F5INJ Bernard

ZS6BM 14-03-13
Hello Emil,
I received my QSL cards today.
I am very pleased with the quality of the cards and your excellent service!

FR4PV - 12-03-2013
thks dear emil
i ve received the package..
see you later for a new printing ..

29AT101 - 10-03-2013
Thank you Emil received the cards 100%
Very nice job well done again
Thank you Emil keep up the excellent work
Kind Regards
Teady 29AT101

F5MVB - 08-03-2013
Hello Emil,
Received today my qsl cards.
Good job, thank you!!
Best regards 73's

DK2KL - 07-03-2013
Hello Emil,
today I picked up the qsl-cards You made and You know what? You did a very fine job!!!
Thank's a lot and keep in touch.
Jens - DK2KL

MM0LBX 15-02-2013
Hi Emil,
Cards arrived today with many thanks.
Another first class job and great service, I'm delighted with the cards.
See you in a couple of years again
Vy 73 and all the best.

M0XLT - 14 -02- 2013
Hi Emil,
Cards have arrived, very well packed. The cards look great.
Many thanks Emil.
73 Kevin-M0XLT.

JJ1RHK 09-02-2013
Dear HZ3HI Emil-san
I have received the parcel for my QSL.
It’s great!
I’m satisfied with my QSL Card very much.
Thanks for your cooperation.
If I run out of these Cards, I would ask you to make them again.
Thank you very much.
Best regards
Katsuya Machino

14SLB100 - 08-02-2013
Good morning
I receive my qsl cards
i am very happy
she are wonderfull
many thanks for th nice work
it is a very very good work

JM1TEN - 26-01-2013

I just received my cards. Good quality. I really appreciate it!
73, Yukio

IN3EJN 14-02-2013

Dear Emil, thank you very much for the great job!
The QSL card are arrived yesterday without any problem.
Have a nice day/night.

PA2PDV - 22-01-2013

Hello Emil,

Today I received the ordered qsl-cards by Dutch Post.
Beautifull cards. Thanks!

F4FYJ 22-01-2013

Hi Emil,
The card are here !!
Many thanks for jyour very good job.
Best regards

SV1JDZ - 20-01-2013
Hello Emil
I have received the QSL's
Fantastic job !!!!!!
I like very much !!!!!
Many thanks and I will let you know about the next printing
All the best 73's de
Panos SV1JDZ

SM5NCZ 16-01-2013

Hello Emil,Thank You very much for Your E-mail. Happy New Year 2013 to You and Your
Family too.Today (16.01.2013) I recieved a box of QSL-Cards. Everything very nice and a very
good job from Your side.
I'am very glad that I found You on the Internet. All the best to You and Your family.
Best regards
73 de SM5NCZ Bjorn

TI2CC 16.01.2013
Hi Emil.
Today I received the QSL's.
They are so beatifuls. Thank you very much.
Best Regards.

Ing.Carlos Paez.
Especialista en Gestion Agroempresarial y Ambiental.

F-10255 07-01-2012
Hello Emil,
Qsl cards in the mail box today, thanks for the good job, HNY & 73 !
Stef F-10255

IK0VKL 03-01-2012
Hi Emil,
I have received the qsl today.
They are very fine, thanks and congratulations for your job.
A Very Happy New Year and Good DX!!
73 de IK0VKL

F4PAN 30-12-2011
Hello Emil
The package of qsl arrived well! They are magnificent!
Thank you very much for this beautiful work.
Very Happy New Year 2012
Best 73'
F4PAN Jean-Luc

EI2II 24-12-2011
Hi Emil
I will have plenty of writing for the Christmas. Your delivery arrived in
perfect condition.
They came out perfect.
Thank you.
Happy Christmas to you and your family and all the best for 2012


JF7VVL 23-12-2011
Hello dear Emil,
Thank you.
I received a card today.
It is very good print.
If a card disappears, please print it then.
Hope to see you again.
73, JF7VVL Tatsuya Kubo

JA2AXB 23-12-2011
Hello om
today my qsl card package received.
its fine thank you very much 73!

CT3MD-CU3MD 10-12-2011
Hello Emil
Today I received my new QSL cards. Arrived in good condition, came well packaged.
Undoubtedly, these are the most beautiful cards I've ever had.
Thank you for your work and until a next opportunity.
When finish these cards will most likely come in contact with you because
I am very pleased with your work, thank you.

DL0IOA 02-11-2011
Hello Emil
got the QSL yesterday. Very fine, thanks for all
vy 73 es a merry xmas for you and yours
vy 73
Hans - DK1RV

02-11-2011 F5NKX

hello Emil
i have just received the QSL cards
i am satisfied with the result
many thanks and best 73
Jean-Jacques F5NKX

02-11-2011 AC2AI/KH2

Dear Emil
Today, I had received the package.
I am very pleased.
best regards

F6CBA 21-11-2011
Hello Emil,
The QSL cards arrived this morning. No problem,
very good package, no damage.
Many thanks and 73
Etienne F6CBA

OZ6AGD 18-11-2011
Hi Emil

The QSL´S has arrived today.

Thank you very much for the good Service.
I have given your Call to other Amateurs in my Club, so perhaps there will be more orders.

73 and good luck

OZ6AGD Niels

F5JYD 16-11-2011
Hello Emil
Great job as usual, i receive the cards to day
TKS 73

IZ7PMQ 11-11-11
Hi Emil

Thanks for qsl and your fast shipping.
I receved my qsl friday 11/11/11.
Very good qsls
Thanks for all

JR6AWQ 09-11-2011
Hello Emil.
I received it today.
It is a very good product.
The packing was good, too.
Very thanks.
73 de JR6AWQ Kyo

PA3EEG - 09-11-2011
Hello Emil,

About one hour ago I received the package with the QSL-cards.
In real they are even nicer than via de mail.

Thanks a lot for the service.

Best wishes

PC2T - 09-11-2011
Hi Emil,

Have received the package today.
The cards looking great.
Tnx for the good service :-)
Until the next time.

73 de PC2T Nico

YO8RNI 09-11-2011
Hello Emil, I received the cards yesterday!They look very good, thank you very much!


IK5YMH - 09-11-2011
Ciao Emil,
ieri sono arrivate le QSL card: Giampiero NOC mi aveva parlato bene ma lil
risultato è superiore alle aspettative.
Grazie per l'ottimo lavoro.
Sarà mia cura rappresentare ai colleghi la tua professionalità.
Cordiali saluti
Tommaso Picarelli

5C2 - Herne Isl. 07-11-2011

Ciao Emil,
QSLs are arrived.....
GREAT JOB , as usually !!!!!!

IJ7A - 03-11-2011

Well done!

Hi Emil!
The package arrived two days ago and all is OK. In the future we'll make other orders
Best regards

14ET073 - 03-11-2011

Hi Emil,
I received the qsl. they are very beautiful.
congratulation. Best 73's 14ET073 Thierry

JE2TLZ - 02-11-2011

The QSL card was received.
Performance is also satisfied.
Thank you

14ET086 - 31-10-2011

hi Emil ,
have receive my qsl card 100% , thank you very much , i ' m happy because very nice qsl card .

73's+51 .
14 ET 086 Stephane

SV1KYQ - 30-10-2011

Hello Emil,
The QSL Cards package received on the 27th of October.
Great Work
Thank You
73 de SV1KYQ

SA6AQP - 28-10-2011

Hello Emil!

I recived the package today.
Very nice cards.
Fredy will give the cards to Peter SM6MCW in the weekend.

I will get back to u when it's time for new cards.
I really like your service.

Tnx and we stay in touch.

JQ1TMC - 27-10-2011

Dear Emil

I received baggage today.
I am satisfied with the quality of the product.
Thank you.

de JQ1TMC Takayuki

JG1TBV - 27.10.2011

Today,I received my QSL card which you sent.
I am pleased with this card.
Since I request next time also, I need your help well.

Thank you!

de JG1TBV / Yohichiroh Sakai "TARO"

CT1CQK - 22 Feb 2011
The package did arrive today. Everythings ok, 5 stars, they are all great.
Thanks for everything and hope to buy some more someday.
best regards, 73
CT1CQK, Luis Filipe Teixeira

A25BI/K5ZOL - 21 Feb 2011
The QSL's arrived last night.
Many thanks for these. They look great.
You will make many hams happy.
Again, we appreciate your generosity.

G3UYN - 20 Feb 2011
Hi Emil
I received the cards today, very good, many thanks

IZ1MHY - 19 Feb 2011
Hello Emil... i received my qsl..
thank you very much for nice work!!!
73 de IZ1MHY Andrea

IZ8PPH - 19 Feb 2011
Hi Emil,
I've just recived the QSLs yesterday (february 18th).
Congratulations! They've high quality. The package you made was wonderful!
I've done advertising on the web forum prefered by italian OM, you can see the discussion at the following link: http://www.arifidenza.it/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=149357
Thanks so much!
73 de IZ8PPH Daniele

PA7JB 09 Feb 2011
Hello Emil.
I have got the cards.
PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will tell it to ever one i know that if they want to make qsl cards i will give them your adres..
Thank you very much for the fast service and the nice cards.

73 John PA7JB

G1XOW 09 Feb 2011
Emil,Cards arrived safely. They are excellent - many thanks.
I expect to be ordering more in around 12 months time.
cheers, Steve G1XOW

JA1UAV/JJ3AZA/K3BI - 28 Jan 2011
hi emil
The card reached today.
It is very well-made.
It is pleased by two people.
Moreover, my best regards because of ordering.
thank you very much

ON8OO - 26 Jan 2011
Hello Emil,
The cards arrived today in Belgium !
Many thank's for good job !
73 Stef - ON8OO

PJ7/K1GI - 24 Jan 2011
Hi Emil,
My QSL manager received the QSL and started replying a lot of request.
I appreciate your excellent pring work. That's perfect workmanship as usuall.

Masayuki K1GI

VP9/SM3TLG - 13 Jan 2011
Hi again Emil,
Today I have received the package for the QSL-cards for VP9/SM3TLG, so they turned up very fast here in Sweden. They were very well packaged indeed!
So many thanks for excellent design and very good quality of the QSL-cards. I will start my direct QSL-ing tomorrow for VP9/SM3TLG, and it will be very nice to send these QSL-cards.

73 de Hans / SM3TLG

I1ASU - 12 Jan 2011
Dear Emil, in this afternoon I've received qsl; very good printing,
many thanks and 73;
Piero I1ASU.

EA2CTB - 11 Jan 2011
Hi Emil,
The cards (EA2DPC and EA2RCF) arrived last Saturday and they are perfect (as always).
Kindest regards and see you soon my friend!!!

ON6LY - 01 Jan 2011
Hello Emil
Received package yesterday, tnx for the beautifull QSL cards.
HNY 2011 to you and the family
Best 73 Francis ON6LY / OP4A

N7MZ (W7PIG) - 21 Dec 2010
Good Morning Emil,

We received your package with the W7PIG QSL Cards, FB, about 7-10 days ago.. Sorry it took me so long to send this Thank You Note.. They look outstanding and many have already been sent to confirm QSO contacts for 2010.. Looks like shipping time was about 2 weeks to Washington State...

I also introduced the card at last weeks SCARC Christmas Party and it was a big hit.. If fact two SCARC Hams are looking to purchase new personal cards.. And "yes" I gave them your infomation... hihi

Tnx agn for working with me on this Club Card... You were GREAT, and very easy to do business.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

73 de John N7MZ
Stanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club - W7PIG

JK7UST - 11 Dec 2010
Hello Emil,
I've raceived the QSL package today.
All cards are good.
I waited for 6 weeks. And now I raceived a Xmas present from you!
I wish you and your familys a merry Xmas.

14DA911 - 24 Nov 2010
Hi Emil,

Rx'ed 100% the package with the cards from 51DA/PE001.
Thanks for the nice job and especially for the strong & safe packaging !

JR6AWQ - 24 Nov 2010
Hello Emil.
I received it today.
Very nice QSL !
The packing is very good, too!
I will make an order again next year.

Thank you .
de JR6AWQ Kyo .

LA6HJA - 23 Nov 2010
Cards received safely today. Looks very nice. Thank you!

EA7HZ - 23 Nov 2010
Hi Emil,Yesterday I received the package with the QSL cards, are very nice and very well made.
Soon I will be confirming the contacts.
Thanks and Greetings from Malaga.
QRV ...
73, Jorge EA7HZ

SM6U - 18 Nov 2010
Hi Emil!

Now everyone fetched their cards, and we are very happy with your service! Fast delivery, good price, great quality and nice support! Thanks a lot!

I worked on my own QSL backlog since this summer so I ran about 500 QSL's thru my laser printer and I have to say your kind of cards are great for direct printing! I've had problems with the printer feeding system with other cards, but these just flow thru and align the text exactly the same for every card. Great paper type!


M6MOS- 17 Nov 2010
Hello Emil,
I received the QSL cards yesterday and there great, you have done a fantastic job, it is easy now to see why you came with so many good recommendations the quality speaks for itself. I sowed the cards to a friend of mine who used to have his own printing business over hear in England and he told me that there was no way that he could have competed with that sort of quality at that price. Once more Emil thank you and it was a pleasure to do business with you.
73s de Malcolm M6MOS

EA8YG- 16 Nov 2010
The parcel arrive today at my Office, Thanks.
Best regards,
73´s Ivan EA8YG

VK6LC- 15 Nov 2010
Greetings Emil,
Today I receive all my re-ordered qsl cards, all in good condition.
I must congratulate you for your service and packaging.
This turn around has been just on 1 month only.
This service just could not be matched here in Australia.
My personal thanks to you.
Mal. VK6LC

IZ2SSM- 12 Nov 2010
Hello Emil!
I received the package today and I'am very pleased with the result (especially iz2swm cards: are really nice).
Even the "extra" cards are very beautiful: great job!Thanks for everything, I hope we get back soon.
See You soon.

IK2YDM- 12 Nov 2010
Hi Emil,
the QSL cards were arrived yesterday: very good quality!
Soon we will send a new order to you.
Thanks and best ’73, ciao!

ON6CQ- 30 Oct 2010
I acknowledge the receipt of my QSL-order! I received my cards last Thursday in vy good order. Everything is OK.
Mny thanks for the perfect handling dr friend Emil. I am very pleased with this order.
We keep in touch. Have a nice weekend and my best wishes to you.

PE1OYB- 28 Oct 2010
We got the QSL card, very nice!!
Thanks for the prints and nice service.

'73 de pe1oyb

IK7JWX- 27 Oct 2010
Hello Emil,
yesterday I received the very beautiful IR7WFF ... compliments !
Pse, see the attached list of my activations.

73 de Fred

VE3FJ- 27 Oct 2010
HI Emil,
parcel arrived today. Well packed, no damages, good job.
Nice cards and perfect quality.
Thank you very much. Appreciate your business

73, Nick VE3FJ

VE1AL- 25 Oct 2010
I received the VE1AL cards today. One week after mailing!
Many, many thanks

DG5DBT- 22 Oct 2010
Hello Emil,
The package with the QSL cards has arrived today.
Many thanks for the fast processing.
Super quality and super packed.
In any case I will recommend you

Thanks again good.
Have a beautiful weekend.
73 de DG5DBT Wolfgang

JH1FTL- 14 Oct 2010
Hello Emil,
I received the package of QSL cards today.
There is no damage to cards.
The packaging was perfect at this time.
I am satisfied with all.
Thanks. Best regards and 73.

Tohru Yamazaki

YO2RR- 01 Oct 2010
Hello Emil,
I received the package and everything is ok.
Thank you and 73
de Nelu / YO2RR

CT1HFS- 30 Sept 2010
I just received today the package with the qsl´s...everything it´s ok
Nice pacage...very well aconditionated...all perfect...
The qsl card it´s very fine...i like very much...
I sugest to other my 2 colegues to send to you some order from new qsl cards...i think sooner they will talk with you...
Soon I will send to you some new work to do;)
Many thanks for all
Big huge


HB9BZA- 25 Sept 2010
Hi Emil,
I received my QSL today, very well packed and in good shape.
Thank you very much for your great work; I will be pleased to recommend you to my friends!
Vy 73's

Robert - HB9BZA

LA1ISA- 23 Sept 2010
I got my card last day:-)
they are very nice.
Thx again for you help and service
Regards to you and your family

JF3AYR- 08 Sept 2010
Thank you for the QSL card reaching today. There is no problem because the card was strongly packed. And, I am satisfied with a good job of the cost performance and the quality. I think that I will order the print of the QSL card of the next chance.

CUL 73!!


DG9BIP- 31 Aug 2010
Hello Emil,today I received the QSL cards. They look very good, excellent quality!!
Many thanks and all the best to you and yours,
73 de Erwin

EB5KAU- 30 Aug 2010
Helo Emil,

today i went to the postoffice and collect my package.
It arrived the 26th.Quick service.
The cards are very nice !!! Many thanks!!
Now i can show to the menbers of our club how you work.I must say very impresed about quality and fluent communicacion trough mail.
I can asure you Emil,that I willmake a lot of publicity for you here in my region !!!
Count on it that this was only the first but not the last order.

Greetings from a VERY SATISFIED CLIENT from SPAIN !!
73´and again..thanks for the quality Emil !!

G6UWK- 21 Aug 2010
Hi Emil,thanks for my cards, they have just arrived and well excellent,thanks again

VK3GOM- 02 Aug 2010
Hi Emil
The cards arrived this morning (monday) I'm yet to open the parcel, thankyou for your prompt attention.

EA1HMT- 15 July 2010
Today I received the QSL, s , good job, fantastic ............
Regards from La Coruña - Spain

JI8XLD- 12 July 2010
A card arrived today.
I am satisfied with the completion of the card.
Thank you very much. 73 de JI8XLD Nori

14DA911- 12 July 2010
The postman rang at the door just 5 minutes after email sent :-)))
Package arrived safely, no damages. Cards are ok, thanks a lot !!!!
You will for sure have even more orders in the next months ;-))
Kind regards,

T30XG- 11 July 2010
Today I have received QSL .
It was very fine and perfect package with no damage.
Many thanks again!
Best 73's

Kindly regards,

EA3SE- 15 June 2010
Hello Emil,
Yesterday I have had note from de Post Office that one parcel for mi has arrived.
This morning I have collected it, and as I supposed, there are the QSL.
The first visual inspection show that it seems all is OK, no damage by the transport.
The printing job is very good, congratulations and many thanks.
It has been fine to work with you, Emil.
Best regards

DF6EX- 13 June 2010
Hello Emil,
yesterday the cards for DA0CW/p arrived here.
The package was safely packed, no damage
and the cards are in very good quality.
We just had yesterday our ham-radio-club-meeting,
so I could offer them right in time to our QSL-manager
who has to fill out them, hi.
I gave all your attached sample-cards to the other
members, so maybe there will something follow
in the future.
I´m just working on the OK8WFF/p-QSL-card.
If ready, I will mail it. There are also two other
planned projects, we will make another DA0CW/p
for another activity with different motive and we
will also make a new one DA0CW (at home).
So we keep in contact.
73, Manfred -DF6EX-

EI2KC - 12 June 2010

The cards arrived yesterday (Friday). They look great - thanks!!

JP1FPY - 05 June 2010
Hello Emil.
New QSL card is arrived at my home yesterday.
Many tanks for your support.
I will order LZ3HI next time.

Shinji Haruta(JP1FPY)

XE2CQ - 04 June 2010
de XE2CQ

4B2S - 31 May 2010
The pack with the QSL's are here.
Many thanks for the nice work, next step will be the cards for XE2S.
73 and best wishes for u and urs
de Marco XE2S/ 4B2S

F6DDR - 31 May 2010
Good news, the QSL just arrived in my QRA 5 minutes ago, and they are really nice. I'm very happy of this great job, of the quality of the glossy paper with the picture, this is not a QSL anymore, it is more a post-card, HI !
Finally, I was expecting them end of the week but they are already here...

YO9SW - 31 may 2010
Hello Emil,
I received today the package. It's ok. Thank you very much.
73' and GL

JG3JLC - 28 May 2010
Hi! Emil
I received the package of QSL Cards today.
Thank you!
I hope to order again someday.
JG3JLC Hitoshi

JK1NMJ - 28 May 2010
Emil san,
It received it today.
There is no problem.
TNX Emil 73!


F5LMJ - 27 May 2010
Hi Emil
Well receive of the QSL cards today
Thanks a lot
73's Alain f5lmj

PD1KSA, PI4N - 27 May 2010
Hello Emil,
Just received the qsl cards.
They are looking wonderful!!!!
And the paper quality is also very good.
Thanks for the good and fast service.
When I need some more or other qsl cards, I know where I have to go to
And I will also recommend you to other radio amateurs.
Tnx agn and keep up the good work!!
All the best greetings to you and your family Emil.
73s de Nico PD1KSA PI4N

F6ABX - 25 May 2010
Hi Emil QSL Cards arrived today !
Fine business and very good job .
Very pleased to work with you
73's J-L F6ABX

M6XAT 11 May 2010
Hi Emil
Just to let you know that the package arrived this morning.
I am very happy with the results, the qsl card is great and the quality is superb.
I will for sure tell my friends to come to you for their printing needs.
Many thanks again dear Emil.
vy 73s de Trevor M6XAT.

IK7JWX - 5C2J 09 may 2010
yesterday I received the beatiful Qsl : compliments !

HB9FAW - 03 May 2010
Hello Emil, I have the qsl cards in my hands.
Thank you for all.
Are very nice.
I give your adress to my friends..

IW1CFU - 03 May 2010
Hello Emil,
I received our parcel on Friday, very good job, I publicize it! Thank you
73 de iw1cfu Carlo

G4NTN - 29 April 2010
Cards arrived yesterday , 28th. April. Many thanks for an excellent service. I will be recommending you at our local club. We often put on special event stations so need cards printed often.
Again ,Thanks and regards,
Peter G4NTN

F8DVD - 28 April 2010

Hello Emil,
Just to tell you that I received to day your packet of TM7AAW Qsls.
All arrived in very good condition
And I am very satisfied by the print service.
Hope to work with you again for others prints.
My best regards and 73’s

XE2HUQ - 28 April 2010
Hola Emil
QSL cards arrived today.
Congratulations, happy for your work.
I will recommend to other ham.
My best wishes to you and your family
73.good Dx.

DD2ML - 25-04-2010
Hi Emil,
the package arrived on friday. I have printed the first 500 with a Canon Pixma IP2600 and the result is excellent.
Good quality cards with 100% inkjet printabel backside.
vy 73

IZ7EUB - 24 April 2010
Hi Emil, 2 days ago i have received the pakage with 1000 qsl-card.
Excellent job. Thanks a lot, regards de Donato -iz7eub

KK1F, W1ATT - 20 April 2010
hello Emil..
all arrived ok today!!
Nick W1ATT is very happy with the results as i am too!!
thank you so much and hope to hear you or work you on the air very soon!

IZ2BKT - 20 April 2010
Hello Emil,
Today (April 20th) I received the package of QSL,
very nice,
Best 73 de IZ2BKT, Mauro.

EA4DW - 19 April 2010
I have received my QSL package, and I like it.
Thank you very much.

IZ5RWK - 18 April 2010
...I like so much your work and if i know some body that he need to make
the QSL Cards i'll tell about you.
Ciao From Italy
Federico - IZ5RWK

JS1KQQ - 17 April 2010
Hi, Emil,
I'm JS1KQQ(Kazu).
I've just recieved my cards from you now!
l'm glad and thank a lot.
See you again.

JA1ZGP/JD1 - 15 April 2010
I received the package today.
QSL cards in the package is beautiful.
Thank you for QSL cards and your help of making cards.
de JA1ZGP UEC Radio Club

JE2TLZ - 15 April 2010
Hello Emil.
The QSL card was received today.
Thank you for the service of high quality.
Good DX 73.
de Shige JE2TLZ

IK1JNP - 14 April 2010
Beautiful and are thinking of preparing a QSL from its flagship print .Ti you 'advertising' and try 'to collect more' OM to request QSL.A soon.
Thank you and 73
Gianni IK1JNP

DB4VI - 14 April 2010
Die QSL-Karten sind heute Morgen angekommen.Alles OK.
Nochmals vielen Dank 73 de DB4VI Thomas

GW0ADC - 10 April 2010
Hi Emil received the cards today. I am abolutely delighted with them.
Many Thanks I will recomend you to my fellow amateurs
73 Kevin Thanks Again.

2E0RDX - 10 April 2010
Hi Emil. Cards arrived today very well packed, took me 10 minutes to get into the box hihi. The cards are of excellent quality and just as described in our e-mails. I am very happy with the service provided by you Emil. Thanks for a GREAT service . 73s Barry 2e0rdx

TK5EP - 02 April 2010
It's the second time i used Emils service. Like the first time, he was very helpful, fast and cheap !
I ordered 4000 cards with 3 different designs and the quality is top.
Delivery : less than 3 weeks !!
I only can recommend him.
73, Patrick TK5EP

IK2DUW - 29 March 2010
this morning I receive QSL of R0L/P and RU0LL,
Very nice card, Thanks......

F8BBL - 23 March 2010
I ordered 4000 QSL cards from Emil LZ3HI
very good quality QSL cards extremely well done
delivery correct
excellent communication with Emil LZ3HI
The package is very well prepared and well protected
excellent value for money
I recommend this printer QSLs
73 Laurent F8BBL

EI2GBW - 16 March 2010
Hi Emil,
The GB2EI cards arrived on Fri 12 Mar and Ei2GBW cards Tues 16 Mar.
I plan to redesign my personal cards soon so will be sending you another order before too long.

CU6AY - 16 March 2010
Hi Emil, they arrived 2 weaks ago
They look great.
Soon I will send you photos for some more Qsl´s.
Best 73
João CU6AY

PA9RD&PB7XYL - 16 March 2010
Hello Emil,
I send you this email to tell you that our qsl cards came in today by delivery service. There was a man at the door with a big, and heavy, package. All is well with the cards, they are as to say A-OK. The box is opened by the Dutch customs, but we knew that was going to happen. It is a big box and it is coming from a, for customs, strange country, Bulgaria. They pulled one PA54D card out and checked it, that was all. The plastic on the inside around the rest of cards was closed all over.
So all I can say now......TNX very much for making, printing and sending our QSL cards. They are very good quality I have to say, and I checked them with the old card of Anneke. Good paper quality etc.
Thank you very much, and I will send you my "my" qsl card for our qso back by direct mail.
Ruud en Anneke Driessen

IK3ITS - 15 March 2010
Grazie Emil,
tutti i pacchi sono arrivati oggi.
Grazie ancora e... al prossimo ordine!
73 de
Claudio IK3ITS
Presidente Sezione ARI di Vicenza

JJ2CJB - 14 March 2010
Dear Emil
QSL cards I had received.
I am very pleased and introduces you to my friends.
best regards

JA9PPC - 13 March 2010
I just received my 5000 QSL CARDS (1000 CARDS ×5 different designs ) from Emil. I am quite satisfied with his quick e-mail response and excellent work. The QSL cards arrived here in about two weeks from Bulgaria in a very carefully packed package. They were very well protected , so nothing damaged them.
Ordering QSL was very easy and smooth because Emil e-mailed back to me so quickly that I felt no stress in waiting for his answers to my questions or requests. He gave me a wonderful support and a perfect service. Making changes was very easy and Emil sent me example pictures of my QSL soon. He says we can always make changes until we agree to print the QSL.
Good job, Emil !

IV3OGT - 12 March 2010
Hi Emil,
Today came the qsl
Good job. Thanks all

73 de
Franco - IV3OGT

JH1FTL - 12 March 2010
Hello Emil,
I received QSL package today.
I checked QSLs. They have been kept in almost good condition.
There is a little damage at one corner of 20 QSL cards.
The fault rate is about 1% (20/2000 QSL). I think the rate is acceptable
because they had a very long long trip from your QTH.
I satisfied with colors and printing of QSL.
Thanks for all, Emil. Best wishes and 73.
Tohru Yamazaki

LA4RRA – 06 March 2010
Hallo Emil.
We have reived the QSL cards now and they are perfect Emil, Thanks for your
quick service. We will recommend you for they who wants QSL cards.
LB8CC says thanks too.
Best regards.

MM0JMK – 05 March 2010
Hi All
Just received my first 1000 batch of cards and i must say the quality is exellent and the time spent getting the card right for me was very quick as well only three emails and you get to see the fineshed card before the final print.
And within 4 days i had received my order through the post from Bulgaria. And at a very affordable price for full colour front and black and white back.
I will deffinetly be placeing another order for more cards.
Great work Emil and in my veiw Simply the Best.

ON6ZK - 03 March 2010
Hi !
I just received my 5000 QSL CARDS from Emil.
He delivers excellent work and quality is superb.
They cards arrived here fast in only 4 days from Bulgaria in a very well packed package. The QSL cards were very well protected , nothing can damage them. It took me ten minutes to unpacked so you can imagine that it was very well done.
Ordening the QSL cards was very easy.... and Emil tries to do everything to deliver you a perfect service. Changes are very easy and you get an example of your QSL. You can always make changes , Emil waites till you agree to print the QSL.........
Just fantastic and well done EMil !

MM3XXW - 26 Feb 2010
Emil is an absolute star and provides a really true quality service seldom found nowadays.
No matter what your needs are give this guy a call and he'll sort it all out quickly, efficiently and at a very competetitive price.
If I could give 10 out of 5 I would ..... no I'm not on commision just appreciate really good service which is what Emil provides.

MM6LAD - 24 Feb 2010
First time I've worked with Emil and it won't be the last!
Very prompt reply to my initial enquiry, QSL card design was sorted in 3 E-mails.
Friendly & professional from start to finish with a cost of only 48 Euro Incl postage for 1000 full gloss front, Black & White back with my choice of photo's and design.
See my QSL front on QRZ.Com.
Definetly will use again.
John, MM0LBX

F5SAZ - 15 Feb 2010
They just arrived
Great job, thank you

EA4TD - 13 Feb 2010
Si Emil muchas gracias a ti, en un futuro te hare un pedido de QSL s para mi indicativo personal y mas para mi Radioclub.
Óscar del Nogal, EA4TD
Web: www.ea4td.com

JR6AWQ - 08 Feb 2010
I received QSL today.
If there is not it, I want to order it again.
Thank you.
de JR6AWQ kyo

IN3ECI - 05 Feb 2010
oggi sono arrivate le cartoline.
tutto bene, tutto perfetto. sono molto belle
io ti faccio i migliori auguri e complimenti per il tuo lavoro; tu sei molto bravo
presto farò un 'altro ordine. tieni il mio file che servirà di sicuro per altre copie.
ancora grazie ,

CT1HAR - 01 Feb 2010
Hi Emil.
I've just received the QSL's
They're great.
Thank you very much.
See you, till next buy. Hihi!
Rui - CT1HAR

IK8TVG - 01 Feb 2010
All OK! I've received the qsl saturday!
Great very very NICE!

Radio Amica - 31 Jan 2010
I received the QSL and are perfect, thank you so much for the service was impeccable re hearing from you

MI0SAI - 30 Jan 2010
Emil service is excellent.I have used him for three time now and some 8000+ cards ordered so far!! VERY prompt responses to e-mail questions, design was rapid and requested changes equally so.Give him your pictures and he will set them the way you want or you can let him work with them. He also chose the font and the color for the callsign.
He then sends it for your approval. And the cost is even better than most for this quality. After my final approval, Emil sent the cards out, and just a few weeks later they arrived in excellent condition. Very good color, resolution and quality! I've used many QSL card printers and Emil cards come on the top of them!!

I highly recommend him! GL Emil 73 Simon

ZS6GRL - 29 Jan 2010
Hi Emil
Just a note to say many thanks for the cards - they arrived today
They look very good
73 de

IW4BIC - 29 Jan 2010
Hello Emil,
the QSL arrived at their destination.
Excellent work congratulations.
Thank you and 73
de IW4BIC Cesare

I5BSV - 26 Jan 2010

F4FRF - 22 Jan 2010
Hi Emil,
Today, i receipt my QSL:
- Great Job, Super Glossy !
- Thank you for the great amount of additional qsl !
Good week-end, and much QSL print for 2010 !
Christophe F4FRF

W6DEI - 20 Jan 2010
Emil is a pleasure to deal with. Always quick to respond to my emails and we handled everything via email. Quality of the printing is excellent and the prices are more than fair. I highly recommend my friend LZ3HI. (You can see my card on QRZ.COM).

Peter, W6DEI

JP1LRT - 20 Jan 2010
Email did great job! I ordered 2000 QSL cards.
Nice quality , good price , I am so happy .
Next time , maybe I will order again.
Thank you Emil!
You can see my QSL on QRZ.com

KA4MIW 06 June 2008
I just received 1000 cards from Emil earlier this week. The workmanship was great and Emil sent me several versions of the card to review and make changes to before he completed the printing run. He was extremely patient with me for making several small changes to get the cards just right to suit me. His price included shipping and the cards were well-packaged and arrived with no damage.

The prices are great and the service is excellent. I highly recommend his service.

EI9FBB - 29 may 2008
Hi all, can't really add too much more to what has already been said here. Another satisified customer. I designed the card myself, sent .doc to Emil and immediately he responded to my e-mail. His reproduction was 100% perfect. Very high quality of card & razor sharp images. All were perfectly cut. Great care had been taken during packing, cards were plastic wrapped, put into a tight fit box, plastic wrapped again and this, yes, was in yet another tight fit box. This ensured that cards were kept dry and would not get bent of scuffed during delivery.
Don't be put off by his low prices, these are cards of very high quality. Emil could certainly charge more money and it would still be good value. Order your next batch of cards from Emil and you will not be sorry, I certainly recommend him.
100% for service
100% for quality
Keep up the good work Emil.

de Dave EI9FBB

AE3T - 14 Feb. 2008
I just received my order of QSL's. From the start of the custom design to receiving the 4 color front & back cards was 8 weeks. Emil was very prompt in every aspect of the design and keeping me up to date on the printing. The package was wrapped very well to avoid any shipping problems. I would highly recomend this service.

SV7JWS - 04 March 2007
Just received my qsl cards from Emil-LZ3HI Gold Print Service and i realized the great quality of the cards. Sipmly, perfect !!!
But was not only the final result of the great cards but also the cooperation with Emil in order to design them and made all the changes i proposed or hi advaced, for better results. In every email i was send to him, in a few hours i had the answer.
Add to all these the very good prices and the quick services and you have found your new QSL printer...

K8RA - 17 Jan 2007
I have been a ham for over 40 years and have had many QSL card designs. None were as nice as the cards that I just received from LZ3HI. Emil worked with me to make design suggestions that I would never have thought of. The card I received was beautiful. It is multicolor with pictures and printed on high gloss card stock. The print quality and resolution is fantastic. Emil is a fine person and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend his printing service

F8AFC - 12 Jan 2007
Real high quality QSL printing ! Emil is very flexible, and can propose a lot of different QSL types, a lot of quantity, at an always VERY affordable prices.
Easy to contact and to deal with, he always listens carefully to customers expectations, and helps them a lot in personnalizing their QSL exactly the way they want (even more sometimes, HI!). He can either propose several models and implement customers wishes to create the final model, or print from existing QSL, modify them if required by the customer. Moreover, Emil always waits for the customer's final agreement before starting the printing at factory.
Printing is then very very quick and QSL are received in extremely well protected conditions. No hidden fees, prices include shipping costs, a MUST!!!!
An excellent address for those who want high quality/low price and fast delivery QSL for sure !!!!!!!!

F4EFI - 02 Jan 2007
When I started my search for a new QSL printer for FT5XP/FT5WL/MM after more problem with old printer. It is an excellent QSL printing service because is cheap, quickly,and good quality. I wait only a month to receive my QSL's. All make by e-mail and Emil replied immediately to my different emails within 24hrs, confirmation of details and picture. Color rendition was perfect for FT5WL & FT5XP/MM, full color photo on front. Black/grey printing on back. Conclusion : I recommend Emil´s service to all HAMs who wants to make cards.
F4EFI Gwenael

F5TJP - 21 Nov 2006
Emil simply made a perfect job for me. QSL are exactly as promissed. Deadlines have always been respected. Emil spend a lot of his time to give answers to customers' questions. Any mail receives an answer within the following 24h. He takes much care about his customers and worked on my cards as if it was his. He spends the time needed and will modified the design of your cards until you'll give him your green light for printing. Bad surprise cannot occur. Price are also very reasonable. His main goal: to have a satisfied customer.

LB9JE - 7 July 2006


























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